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Touristic Atractions
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Huacho Beaches

They are characteristic for their fine sand and peaceful water. Among them, some popular are Paraíso, Hornillos, Centinela and Playa Chica.

Village located in the point of km 159 in Northern Panamericana. It has a main plaza, a church, and farming zones. It has an attractive beach Tambo de Mora where it is possible to watch Don Martin Isle.
It is located in kilometer 154 of Panamerican highway, the excellent waves of this beach make of this beach an ideal site for surf lovers and one of the prefered by surfers.
It is name is due to the fact that in old times there was a sentry in charge to watch over the sea and prevent the village from pirate attacks. During summer Surfing competitions and dance contests are organized.
It is escorted by a florid pier and peaceful sea. This beach of small waves appears on kilometer 146. It is surrounded by a group of crags that turn it into an ideal fishing place. It counts with excellent restaurant services.
Don Juan  
In kilometer 112 of Northern Panamericana turning left and going forward 7 kilometers and turning right this time, you can reach an amazing beach like in a postcard.

It is original and well known. Its name is due to don Julio Fernández Soplapuco, who during 30 years, has built houses with material given only by the sea. He rents and sells, and among his clients there are fishermen, walkers and even government employees that seek to get away from the formalities and look to have the freedom that nature offers.



It is located in the left margin of mid valley of Supe. The closest access from Huacho is in Km. 159 of Northern Panamericana (district of Vegueta),using a paved stretch of 24 km. This road though it is not signposted can be used during the whole year.

The most ancient civilization of Peru and America was developed in Caral. The place was discovered a few years ago, belongs to one of the 18 pre-Inca settlements that formed the core of Supe State and it is being studied by the archaeologist Ruth Shady. The Sacred City of Caral is considered an archaeological jewel because of its extension (66 has) and complexity.  

Its age (3000-2000 ac) makes it contemporary with Mesopotamia and the ancient cultures developed in Egypt, India and China.


The archaelogical site of  Bandurria, is located to the south of Huacho in Km. 11 km. Taking the detour to the west km 141 of Northern Panamericana, a rough road of 1.5 km leads to the archaeological site. It is a monumental complex formed by nine mounds: four principal and five secondary. It is enhanced by its architecture of boulders and pebbles stuck with a mixture of mud and roots. The mound of the main complex, has 60 meters of length and 30 wide and 10 height, where it is located a pyramid very alike to the ones found in the sacred city of Caral in Supe .


The archaeological complex of  Aspero is located in  km. 187 of Northern  Panamericana, (in the coast line) to 500 meters from Pacific  Ocean, in the right margin of river Supe, in the middle of nature formed by sandy humid mountains, farming lands and marine beach.

Considered as the oldest fishing city of the American continent in which it has been found recently remains of human sacrifices from 5.000 years of age and archaic buildings that were buried under a landfill over  30 years.

 Áspero is one of the six complexes that form the historical and touristic circuit of  Caral-Supe and it is contemporary to the ancestral and famous sacred city of the same name (3.000 years B.C.).


National Reserve Lomas de Lachay

It is located to the northwest of Huaral city, to 105 Km of Northern Panamericana. From there a soil road of 7 km leads in 20 minutes by car to the entrance of the Reserve (it is not necessary a 4x4 truck). This ecosystem is a representative example of the hillocks with vegetation that is found only in Peru and North of Chile. It is an ecosystem based in the fog, there is only green in coastal winter (June to September). There are Spiny holdbacks and many vegetable species. Buzzard Eagles, Sechuran foxes, andean tinamous and occasionally gray deers that can be observed.

Albufera de Medio Mundo

Known as Albufera de Medio Mundo (half world lagoon) due to its natural formation, with wáter filtrations, is ideal for camping because of its natural conditions with the great harmony between fauna and flora. It is located in Km. 175 of Northern Panamericana.

Above the totorales they nest an amazing quantity of Gray Herons (Ardea Cinereas). There are also a huge quantity of reddish Colombian ducks, south American coots, cormorants and pelagic sea birds.  

Albufera El Paraíso

Located in km. 11 to the south of Huacho and it is the result of filtrations of Santa Rosa irrigation; it has a length of 8 km. That is divided in two water mirrors. It has been identified 19 plant species, 106 birds species among residents and migratory, two fish species and one reptile species.  


Huara Balcony

The house that has the famous Huara Balcony is located in the main plaza of the same city, it is enhanced because it is the only building that has a boxed balcony from colonial era.

It is where the Argentinean don José de San Martin Matorras, set his headquarters of the liberator army and where he gave the shout of liberty on November 27 of 1820, before the proclamation of Peru's Independence in the city of Lima. Nowadays it is site of the Museum In memoriam San Martín, which keeps paintings, and furniture, that were used by the Liberator in his residence in Hacienda Ingenio. It has been declared Nation's Historical Monument.

Pier Roca

Pier Roca in Chorrillos Beach is one of  most important touristic attractions of Huacho and for sure of Lima Region, and therefore one of the most ‘visited’ by our politicians. One of the promoters for its construction was Don Benjamin Roca, Mayor of the Province of Chancay (now Huaura), between the years 1911-1 912, that involved its saloons, swimming pools, fences, and ornamentation of the place.

Huacho City

Huacho is a small, and picturesque coastal city, with peaceful beaches of fine sand and quiet water, it has a large pier and in the harbor a big deck among its most well known beaches there are Hornillos, Colorado, El Paraíso, Playa Chica, Punta Salinas, Centinela, Tambo de Mora, and Las Yeseras.

This friendly city in little north is characterized because of its habitants that have the like of breeding game cocks.  They make championships among the nation.

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